Unicorns and Mermaids: Interiors by Charlotte

Hi Everyone,

Hope we are all feeling better now the grim winter is behind us!! It has been a while since I blogged, but I really wanted to share these special ideas with you, on how to create unicorn and mermaid inspired interiors.

I recently had the pleasure of leading a workshop with The Donna Louise Trust (DLT), an incredible hospice which supports young people with complex needs. For their new adult unit, due to launch early next year, we held a session with the teens to gather their ideas on the interiors. Some great thoughts came out from the group which left me with some amazing ideas to implement in their space.

Attending the workshop, was one young lady called Charlotte. Her enthusiasm for interiors, contribution to themes and generally helping me to understand exactly what people her age enjoy, was incredible. I actually felt my job was under threat at one point!! A really fantastically creative star!

Charlotte, was super thrilled to be designing a concept board that day, mainly so she could implement her ideas for her new flat, that she was looking to move into soon. Bouncing from purples to unicorns, to high-shine and pink! I really gathered that Charlotte was in her elements cutting and sticking furniture, fabrics and accessory images to her board.


Today’s blog is dedicated to Charlotte.


Charlotte sadly passed away, and after receiving the news of her passing I just keep wondering- what can I do to honour her? It might sound strange- I only was lucky enough to spend 4 hours with this incredible young woman, but something about her energy, thrill for life and the need to just get on with things has inspired me. Despite her complex needs, unable to do most physical functioning for herself, she was a superhuman- like most people with disabilities. They all just find a way of challenging the everyday struggles and making life work for them.

So, to honour this delightful girl, who really touched my heart. I am going to share with you her Mood board, which was clearly inspired by mermaids & unicorns, so I will give a taster on how you can perhaps try this theme at home.



The unicorn theme can become a little childish if not done right- unless of course it is what is intended. I was really surprised by everyone that attended the workshop, how mature their style was. Some opted for more muted tones, and industrial looks whilst others (mainly the girls) went along the purple and dusty pink route.


Charlottes choices reflected the below- soft rubies, blush pinks and fresh blues and aqua. She described the colours as “calm” and “water-like”. Sitting adjacent on the colour wheel, allows these colours to work together without a clash.

Dulux (50RR 61/129 / 50RR 26/431 / 16BG 27/325 / 70GG 60/251 )


The image below is an example of this use of colour, with one being more dominant than the rest – in this case blue.





James Hare’s Constellation fabric was a huge hit with the girls- it was described as “unicorny” and I have to admit it really is! Perhaps James Hare should consider changing the name of this collection.  The shiny and scale like look to this fabric brings together the tones and colours of the scheme. This could be used as blinds, curtains and cushions- bringing a more mature but fun feel to the space.

James Hare


A lot of the upholstery fabric chosen for Charlottes board was woven in texture, not sure whether this was a coincidence or whether the feel added a sensory element for Charlotte. Either way, what she decided on was fabulous, bringing together the aqua and blues into her scheme through upholstery adds a great contrast to the curtains and allows the furniture to stand out against the soft finishing. Panaz Alba, Highland and Linear shown below.





Many of the furniture options Charlotte decided upon, was geared towards her disability and she was looking for something easy to open and access. There is also a request for lots of mirrors! I guess, which young lady doesn’t want lots of mirrors. To quote Charlotte #TAMETHEMANE

One thing that really stands out though, is the Mermaid inspire chair – now, I admit I didn’t initially notice this myself -but the back of the chair is shell shaped! So, Charlotte took this too! Introducing elements that follow the shape and style of your theme help the space to flow, and give subtle hints to the idea you’re driving towards.

Below is Charlottes concept board for you all to enjoy. As we move forward to the actual concept creation for the DLT, I will ensure Charlotte’s amazing ideas are used as inspiration. There is no doubt her spirit will shine through and all her excitement for this new unit will never be forgotten.


God really wanted one of his best angels to be back with him <3


R.I.P sweetie x



Header image: www.printablemarket.com