How to style your bed like a pro!

We asked, and you voted. So, here is it!!

Let’s be honest, getting into well-made bed at the end of the day is one of life’s simple joys. That, and finding fresh bread in the kitchen! So, how do we upgrade a nice duvet and pillows into the next level of luxury?


Select the colours you want to use in your bedroom, whether it’s an all-white scheme with mixes of textures, an array of pastels picking 1-2 main colours which complement each other or to go for a pattern clash or pop of colour. The colour scheme and textures are the starting point, as with any interior scheme. Look at throws with a different material to the sheets, perhaps woven? Do you want to add silk or wool as a contrast to the cotton sheets? Collect and organise your goodies, taking your time to decide on the look and feel you’re wanting to create.

white mosquito net with brown wooden bed frame

Thread count

Thread count is the total number of yarns per square inch of fabric. There are a range of thread counts, and it should be clear that the higher the count, doesn’t always mean they’re better! The material is important, and the only time thread count should be considered is when we are looking at cotton, single ply weaves.  If you’re looking at Polyester sheets, Linen or even Silk the thread count can’t be compared to Cotton! For Cotton, you want the best balance between thread count, and quality of the yarn, so around 300-500, Confused? We were baffled too, so we went to and used this very useful chart to tell us more!!