“Did someone just say FABRIC LAUNCH?”

Hello everyone, hope you are as excited to hear about the launch of Mood Fabrics as I am (*eeeeeek*). Well naturally I am going to be thrilled, since I have personally designed the range using my hint of madness.

This range can suit both Care and Residential interiors, after all why should there be a difference? All Crib 5 FR (which basically is a commercial standard of fire retardancy), all are manufactured in the UK and can all be delivered to you NOW!

This collection was initially inspired by the young people I meet in Care. Just like any teenager or young adult, these amazing individuals are passionate about the latest trends in the high street, they’re listening to the hottest number one singles and having the normal growing pains of any teenager regardless of their abilities or needs.  It was incredibly frustrating for me as a designer, to see so many trendy fabrics found in the normal high street suddenly locked off to people in Care, just because they were not fire retardant, waterproof or offer commercial standard of rub testing



So, without any further hesitation I went along and worked with the most incredible fabric designers and spilled out all my creativity around what I would love to see more of, yes… donuts, leopard prints, botanicals and feathers! I am sure you are getting a great image of the quirky conversation happening that day.

We have showcased our range at several events now, including #Naidex and #TheCare&Dementia Show and I won’t lie to you, it is a love or hate response, but you can never please everyone with design, that would be dull if we all had the same style! However, there are slight differences in each design, which means at least one style is sure to your scheme.

Imagine it now, hints of bold tartan draped over the back of a high-backed lounge chair, accompanied by some casual pop art inspired cushions and geometric window dressings.

Bringing high street designs, and making them available to all in their homes is the aim here, so look beyond plain fabrics and textures and be bold and brave with your choices.

This collection of fabrics is available as curtain, upholstery and even wallpaper to ensure there is always an area in your home where you can add some quirk. After- all, it doesn’t matter how young or old we are, everyone deserves to have an element of personality, a dash of colour and pinch of boldness within their environments.


Check them out  https://www.moodinteriors.net/shop/